Are you a real estate investor looking to sharpen your skills?

Or a newbie looking for your first investment?

You’ve come to the right place! Join host Sarah Larbi for a journey into the world of Real Estate Investing. Listen to the latest episodes of the “Where Should I Invest?” podcast below or subscribe via iTunes by clicking here

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“I’ve been listening for a while now. Sarah has a great interviewing style to get at the questions that are on the mind of listeners. 
This podcast helps to simplify real estate investing and gives listeners the inside scoop on real life people who are doing it successfully. Excellent all around!”

Join Sarah Larbi as she interviews real estate investors. The guests on the show are all successful investors who will share their strategies, success, tips and tricks, and the challenges faced in order to help you with your investment goals. You will also learn about the fundamentals they look for when investing, their numbers, how they get financing and much more!

“Where Should I Invest” is brought to you in part through the sponsorship and support of Dalia Barsoum of Streetwise Mortgages. contact her to book a FREE Goals Analysis – be sure to mention the podcast!  Read more about Dalia by clicking here.

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Episode 29 – Vertical Splits and Mortgage Plus with Scott Zandbergen – click here for show notes
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Episode 26 –From Venezuela to 40 Properties in 3 Years with Alejandro Fleury – click here for show notes
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Episode 24 –Identify Your Goals & Up Your Negotiating Skills with Lee Straussclick here for show notes
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Episode 21 –What You Need to Know About the BRRR Method & Why it Works with Matt McKeever & Kellan Panicciaclick here for show notes 
Episode 20 – Where to Look for Good Flip Properties with Danielle Chiassonclick here for show notes
Episode 19 –How to Buy Properties Without Using Your Own Money with Dave Dubeauclick here for shownotes
Episode 18 –Canadians Investing in the USA the Differences You Need to Know & Understand with Omar Khanclick here for show notes
Episode 17 –Why You Need a Paralegal For Investing with Wenda Allicockclick here for show notes
Episode 16 –The Pros & Cons of Rent to Own Investing with Alfonso Salemiclick here for show notes
Episode 15 –The Canadian Real Estate Investing Landscape – 25 Years of Research and Analysis with Don Campbell  – click here for show notes
Episode 14 –The Biggest Mistakes Investors Make with Laurel Simmonsclick here for show notes 
Episode 13 –Advantages of Commercial & Multi-Family Real Estate Investing with Courtenay Hindemit and Ryan DeLaurentisclick here for show notes
Episode 12 –Pros & Cons of Buying Properties Remotely with Ryan Kirkclick here for show notes 
Episode 11 –The Importance of Pre-Planning Your Real Estate Financing with Dalia Barsoumclick here for the show notes
Episode 10 –Raising Capital to Complete 100+ Deals with Stefan Aarnioclick here for the show notes
Episode 9 –Finding Financial Freedom Through Real Estate Investing with Daniel St. Jeanclick here for the show notes
Episode 8 –The Benefits & Challenges of Student Rentals with Erwin Szetoclick here for the show notes
Episode 7 –The Benefits of Flipping Fire Damaged Houses with Michael Domenichetti– click here for the show notes
Episode 6 – Flipping Properties in the GTA in Under 2 Years With Luc Boiron – Part 2 – click here for the show notes
Episode 5 – Flipping Properties in the GTA in Under 2 Years With Luc Boiron – Part 1 – click here for the show notes
Episode 4 – How to Choose an Investment Property at an Early Age with Goretti Raposo – click here for the show notes
Episode 3 –Investing in Pre-Construction & Turnkey Properties with Jenn & Mike Richterclick here for the show notes
Episode 2 –Leverage the Skills of Experts to Find Great Deals with Manny Munirclick here for the show notes
Episode 1 –Land Development Strategies & Investment in Hamilton with Charles Wahclick here for the show notes
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