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Has the recent crisis got you thinking that one-source of income may not be the solution?

Is it finally time to take control of your financial future once and for all?

You are not alone. I know what it means to be busy with work and life in general but never having a Plan B let alone a Plan C.

This was exactly my situation less than 10 years ago. No money, no property and no system to make it happen and I had a very busy sales career. 

Now I have 10 properties/12 units, have co-founded a successful real estate investing club, launched my own top 25 real estate investing podcast and have been invited to speak at some major real estate conferences and networking events – ALL whilst still holding down a demanding full-time job!

I want to help you see what is possible too 

Right now you may be concerned that this is not the right time to get into real estate. But as the saying goes “the best time to buy real estate is always 5 years ago!”

Whether it’s now, next month or later this year, what you want to ensure is that whenever that right time is for you that you are ready, have the strategies, understand what needs to be done and can execute.

Success will come to those who are fast action takers.

I am going to be totally honest, it is not about the money BUT the freedom that money brings to allow me to make choices and decisions on my terms. 

Just picture your life where you have:

  • A real estate portfolio generating wealth and monthly passive income
  • Time freedom to do things on your terms 
  • Steady streams of potential investment opportunities
  • A team of people helping you reach your goals
  • Repeatable systems and strategies to automate as much as possible
  • Choices for your life that you have never had before.

This is all possible by going through the step-by-step program I have developed, a proven strategy to build wealth and help you manage the ups and downs of the market. This will help you not just be ready for the downturn BUT ALSO change your life, take charge and not having to rely on your job income to survive and thrive.

Introducing RISE 

The proven program to succeed in Real Estate Investing while Staying Employed

This is an online training program where you will learn the steps to finding, acquiring and managing investment properties with my proven 7-step process. Check out the program site to see what is covered by clicking here or scroll down the page to see the module outline.

I know what it means to be busy with work and life in general, so this program is designed for you to work through and complete the modules with the option of having me guide you. 

See what RISE alumni had to say;

“I found Sarah when I told a friend I was interested in investing in real estate and he referred me to her podcast. After listening to 35 episodes, I thought I knew everything about real estate but figured I’d check out her courses anyway; boy was I wrong.

Despite listening to her podcast, there were many intricacies that go on in the background to real estate and I definitely would have made many mistakes if it wasn’t for her guidance.

I took her RISE course and I will say it was the most A to Z approach for real estate investing. Coming in as a beginner, I knew nothing regarding real estate but Sarah gives all her students her email and number and replies extremely fast to any and all questions we had (and trust me, I had a lot of them). I have taken online courses in the past and I have never had a mentor who is so genuine and supportive of her students’ learning.
You can tell all she truly wants for her students is to succeed! She also provided many extra calls beyond even the scope of the course to really make sure we understood the content.

Overall, I think Sarah is a fantastic teacher and has an exceptional course. If you are looking to invest in real estate then look no further and learn with Sarah Larbi, you won’t regret it!” – Luke

With the strategies, processes and pro tips you have shared within the course I have become a more educated real estate investor. I also really appreciate you taking the time to respond to my questions, helping me resolve any challenges I may have had.

Each module was something new and I can attest the process you have developed works very well in determining the best tenant profile and using it I was able to place 2 great tenants myself using your system. Thank you for sharing your team of contacts, trades, worksheets etc”.  – Gerry

The RISE program includes;

  • Recorded presentation modules, one for each of the 7 steps of the proven formula plus an Intro and Summary
  • A comprehensive library of templates and resources, including the worksheets, checklists anddocuments I use for my real estate business.
  • Lifetime access to the program so you can refer back to everything as many times as you need. 

There are two program options; 

Option 1 – Only $1,147 plus tax

Lifetime access to the online program, video modules and tools and resources – plus the Tenant Screening System program. .

Option 2 – $997 plus tax

Lifetime access to the online program, video modules and tools and resources 

If you are committed to real estate investing then this is the program that can make it all happen.

RISE Online Program

Payments are through PayPal – secure payment and no account required. All fees are plus HST.

This is what the program covers;

Module 1: What, Why & Who? – how to decide the best investing route for you and who is going to help.

  1. Discussing the different types of real estate investing such as Flipping, Buy and Hold, BRRR, Wholesaling, short-term etc.
  2. Deciding what type of investing you want to do
  3. Learning why Sarah chose to do the Buy and Hold and the BRRR methods
  4. Hear about some of Sarah’s real estate deals and the financials
  5. Learn how to set up your team of experts and who should be on it for your success

Module 2: Where and How? – Picking the best locations and determining prices

  1. Learn how to pick a market suitable for investing as not all regions are created equal
  2. Learn about the market fundamentals to look for in order to choose the right market for investing
  3. How to determine rent amounts in the market
  4. How to calculate cash flow on a buy and hold property
  5. Sarah’s favourite apps to help with all the math
  6. How to calculate profit on the BRRR and cash flow once you refinance

Module 3: Show Me the Money! – Finding the best financing and how to get more money when you need it

  1. How you can finance your deals
  2. What type of financing is there
  3. How to scale up without hitting the financing wall
  4. How to find private money

Module 4: Buy That House – Offering and closing on your first property.

  1. How to make offers on properties
  2. Tips on what  to add in your offers
  3. How to ensure you are getting a good deal
  4. Preparing for closing on your investment property
  5. Getting your team and trades ready for closing
  6. Closing on your investment property

Module 5: Dream Rentals – Finding the best tenants and keeping them

  1. Learn how to find amazing tenants and how to properly advertise
  2. Learn how to carefully screen tenants through the process and how to reject the bad ones
  3. Learn about the various steps to screening tenants
  4. We will cover in detail the following: Tenant application, Tenant questionnaire
  5. Review the standard lease and the lease signing process
  6. Review of the tenant move in checklist

Module 6: Managing, Maintenance and Nightmares – Planning for all eventualities and outcomes

  1. Learn how to self-manage your properties and keep your tenants happy paying clients
  2. Learn how to manage your property manager if you are not going to be self-managing
  3. Learn about how to conduct ongoing inspections on your properties
  4. Learn how to deal with maintenance issues that may arise
  5. Learn how to deal with a bad tenant that slipped through the cracks
  6. Going to the courthouse or Landlord Tenant Board

Module 7: Go Forth and Prosper – Tracking the costs and how to scale your investments

  1. Learn how to use existing home equity to scale up
  2. Taxes and Accounting: What you need to know
  3. Incorporating or not: what are the pros and cons
  4. Summary and next steps

If you are committed to real estate investing then this is the program that can make it all happen.

RISE Online Program
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