RISE Program – Price Increase

Are you unsure how to add to or start building your real estate portfolio?

You want to be able have a steady stream of potential investment opportunities coming to you easily and consistently.

It can be hard to imagine going from where you are now, when you are not even sure what properties to look for, the type of strategy to use or even the location to focus your efforts, let alone finding the money to do it all. It all seems overwhelming and impossible.

Imagine instead having several cash flowing properties consistently bringing you income every month and a team helping you manage and find the next opportunity, all while still working full-time AND enjoying your leisure time.

You are not alone, you already know that real estate is an important part of any wealth building plan, but like many employed professionals you are struggling with getting started or knowing what to do next.

It doesn’t have to be that way, if you understand how to;

  1. Decide the best investing route for you and who is going to help.
  2. Pick the best locations and figure out the prices
  3. Find the best financing and secure more money when you need it
  4. Offer and close on your first or next property
  5. Find the best tenants and keep them
  6. Have a plan in place for all eventualities and outcomes
  7. Track the costs and know how to scale your investments

I know what it means to be busy with work and life in general because this was exactly my situation a little over 5 years ago. No money, no property and no system to make it happen for me and I had a very busy sales career.

Now I have 9 houses, have co-founded a successful real estate investing club, launched my own, top 25, real estate investing podcast and have been invited to speak at some major real estate investor events – ALL whilst holding down a demanding full-time job!

And you can do it too by going through the step-by-step program I have developed based on my lessons, actions and the mistakes I made over the last 5+ years in building my million-dollar+ portfolio and real estate investing career.

RISE (the program to start and succeed in Real Estate Investing while Staying Employed) is a self-directed, self-timed online training program where you will learn the 7 steps to finding, acquiring and managing investment properties with my proven 7-step process.

Read more about the program here

This program is specifically designed for you, the busy professional, to work through and complete the modules at your pace. Each month I will host a live online Q&A group call where you can ask any question about any of the modules and I can personally help you with your progress or answer specific questions as to your actions and strategies as you work toward buying your first, second and more properties. 

The RISE program includes;

  • Recorded presentation modules, one for each of the 7 steps of the proven formula plus Intro and Summary
  • Monthly live online Q&A group sessions where you can bring your questions, challenges and seek any help relevant to your real estate investing journey
  • Access to the archives of all the recorded Q&A calls.
  • Library of templates and resources, including worksheets, checklists and documents.
  • Discounts on future programs and services.

SORRY – You have missed the deadline, but your investment in the RISE program is still only one payment of $997 plus HST, and you get lifetime access to the content.

Do not miss this opportunity

If you are committed to real estate investing then this is the program that can make it all happen. Do not miss this opportunity – click here to order your program and get started on making a difference in your life.

Payments are through PayPal – secure payment and no account required. All fees are plus HST.

Thank you


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