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Speaking Topics

Sarah Larbi has learned many lessons on the way to becoming a successful real estate investor. Her story is a combination of inspirational and informative, but above all it shows young professionals that with the right approach and attitude home-ownership is within reach.

She can speak on a variety of investment topics including;

  • Getting Started- Why Real Estate Investing? How she became a millionaire in less than 5 years
  • Finding the money and setting up your financing strategy.
  • Becoming a market expert- How to choose the right market to invest in and what fundamentals to consider.
  • The Math and the Numbers- How to find and analyze deals for cashflow (Submitting Offers)
  • Tenant Screening Process- Finding amazing tenants through her comprehensive tenant screening process
  • Property Management- Managing your income properties
  • Scaling up and buying more- Building the right team around you
  • The Different Real Estate Investment Strategies- BRRR: Buy, Rehab, Rent, Refinance. How Sarah made a 100k in 3 months and other investment strategies such as Flips, Rent to Own etc.
Speaking Topics

Her signature talk is; 

7 Steps to a 7 Figure Portfolio

Learn the exact formula that took Sarah from broke millennial to a seven-figure property portfolio in only a few years. The 7 steps cover;


This talk can be delivered in a keynote format lasting 45-75 minutes covering all 7 steps or deep diving into one area depending on the specific needs of the event and audience.  This can also be delivered in a half-day workshop format, webinar or series of sessions.

From Broke Millennial to Owning 6 Houses by Age 33


A full-time buy-and- hold investor, Sarah Larbi wanted to put her money to work – without it taking up too much time or effort away from her other priorities. Now she’s a successful investor with seven Ontario properties who was recently featured on the front page of the Toronto star.

How did she get there? She’ll tell you – revealing the secrets to her simple buy-and- hold model along the way.

Attendees will learn about:

  • How she gained the knowledge needed to start buying
  • Why she decided to buy in Brantford instead of Toronto
  • How she determines what is a good buy and what is not
  • How she calculates cash flow when analyzing properties
  • Tools, apps and websites she uses to help her move ahead
  • A breakdown of each of her properties and the income they produce
To check Sarah’s availability to speak at your event or conference please contact us here. 
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