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Hi, it’s Sarah here and thank you for taking not only the time to listen to the podcast but then also to drop by my website and check out some the resources and information that I have here.

Are you a young professional or millennial and afraid that owning a home Is impossible? You know you want to invest in real estate now but perhaps do not know where to start. I was there just a few short years ago. 

Real estate continues to increase in value way faster than your income can keep pace and you struggle with ever seeing how having enough to buy your home can ever happen. You don’t want to be left behind

Wouldn’t it be great not just to have a home you love, but also to be generating income from investment properties that could actually mean looking at retirement early, versus still paying off a mortgage in your 50’s?

Like many young professionals and millennials, the real estate market has been out of reach in many major cities for a long time. Down payments, new regulations and continued high demand mean you have little chance of even getting a foothold in the market.

But there is an answer. Approaching real estate buying and investment more strategically and thinking out of the box when it comes to first and second properties can mean being in a position in just a few years of producing additional income, a retirement plan and living in the home you want.

In just 7 years I have gone from broke millennial to owning 7 properties and being well on my way to having the option to retire by the time I am just 45.

My goal is to inspire other millennials and young professionals to own property faster and easier. Are you ready to buy your first property?

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