Real Estate Market Updates plus Relationship Advice

On this special edition of the Where Should I Invest? Podcast, Sarah Eder, Justin Michel and Sarah Larbi have an unscripted, sharing of opinions chat on the continued impact of COVID-19 on the real estate market and how relationships have… Read More

Legal Crisis Updates From a Paralegal Perspective

Wenda Allicock has over 10 years of experience as a Landlord having experienced a complete range of tenants in Brantford. She worked as a property manager before becoming a successfully licensed paralegal specializing in Landlord and Tenant Law. … Read More

Fundamentals of Syndication & Other Passive Income Strategies

Lane Kawaoka began investing in 2009 in Seattle by buying his first property right after college. After discovering the difference between ‘Cashflow Investing’ and ‘Appreciation Investing (gambling/speculating) he moved his portfolio into 11 single-family rentals in Birmingham, Atlanta,… Read More

How to Cash Flow Properties in Expensive Markets

Nam Phung arrived in Canada from a refugee camp in 1987, starting high school in Canada speaking very little English and worked part-time to support himself through high school and university.  His formal education includes a degree from… Read More

Successful Tenant Screening in 5 Easy Steps (Screen Out – Step #1)

In this solo episode, Sarah shares the first step, How to fill a vacancy quickly and successfully of her tried and tested 5-step process to finding the best tenants. Don’t rely on guesswork or your gut. Use these 5 steps… Read More