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Our next webinar details are as follows:

How I Got to 10 Properties by Working with the Right Mortgage Broker

Date: Sunday 16th February

Time: 7 pm

Registration link: https://zoom.us/webinar/register/WN_z93M6IBoQP-EFgfaOAc26Q


Format: Your top 10 questions answered – Send in your questions ahead of time and we will select 10 to answer live!

Send questions to sarah@sarahlarbi.com

I was going to be capped at 3 properties back in 2015 before I started working with my mortgage broker Dalia Barsoum as I didn’t understand the lending rules and types of lenders I could go to. I also didn’t understand how some people had more than 5 properties still in their own names or even how many properties I needed to retire from the 9-5 world.

Today I have 10 properties and 12 doors and still have the ability to scale (on my own if I wanted to). This is because Dalia helped me structure my portfolio accordingly and also structured it based on my goals. I am planning retirement from the job world soon and I wanted to share with you how I was able to do this with the help of a great team. Part of my team includes my mortgage broker Dalia Barsoum of Streetwise Mortgages and she has been and continues to be a huge component of my team of experts. 

In this webinar we will cover:

  • How to scale your portfolio from a couple to multiple properties 
  • The different lender types and when to use which ones
  • The difference between lending on residential and commercial real estate 
  • PLUS: We will be choosing some of your pre-submitted questions to answer live!

BONUS: Dalia will be sharing her specialized goal analysis and Sarah will be making a very special offer to attendees.  

Register now: https://zoom.us/webinar/register/WN_z93M6IBoQP-EFgfaOAc26Q

ALSO – March 15th at 7.30 pm

How to Move From Residential to Commerical and Bigger

Join Sarah Larbi and Mathew Frederick as the show you how you can move from residential real estate investing to commercial and then consider bigger deals.

Register now: https://zoom.us/webinar/register/WN_p9yzuEMiR9irk-smrsXjsQ

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