Upcoming Webinar

The 10 Differences Between Residential Investing and Commercial Real Estate

Sunday, March 15th at 7.30 pm

Join Sarah Larbi and Mathew Frederick as they share the differences and similarities between residential real estate investing and commercial.

Register now for this complimentary webinar: https://zoom.us/webinar/register/WN_p9yzuEMiR9irk-smrsXjsQ

Sarah Larbi had the drive and focus to embark, build and grow a seven-figure, 10 property investment portfolio by her early 30’s, all whilst full-time employed.

Known as the BRRRR Expert, her results-oriented approach has been featured in numerous Canadian media, on the stage at events like Canadian Real Estate Wealth Investor Forum and as a guest on many North American finance-focused podcasts.

Sarah hosts her own podcast “Where Should I Invest?”, which reached the Top 50 of All Time for Canadian Investing on Apple podcasts and is also co-founder of The REITE Club and co-hosts their own successful podcast.

With nearly 30 years of experience in real estate, there is not a strategy that Mathew Frederick has not executed; in fact, it is believed that he may be the only Canadian to have done so.

Everything from starting in residential income properties then expanded to buy-fix-sell, lease option, commercial buildings and new development. Mat has led on renovating properties over 28 years which includes partnering with a developer over the past 6 years to build houses and low-rise condo buildings.

He now focuses on managing the assets of commercial portfolios including plazas and multi-family buildings plus coaching investors in business and real estate acquisition. 

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