How Not to Run Out of Money

BRRRR Your Way to Success in 2021

Strategies, Financing, Acquisitions & Exits

Tuesday, April 27th at 7 pm EST – Complimentary Webinar via Zoom 

Are you facing one or more of the following challenges with your real estate investing business right now? 

  • Needing access to private money
  • Increased competition in the off-market property space
  • Lenders requiring bigger deposits or pulling back funds
  • Hitting your ‘A’ lender limit on investment properties
  • Renovation costs going through the roof

To continue to be successful and grow your real estate investing portfolio you MUST have a solid financing and refinancing strategy. This will help you continue to add to your portfolio while also ensuring you have access to money. 

We have brought together three of Canada’s leading BRRRR experts and professionals who will be sharing what it takes to win in today’s market, finance your portfolio, access private money and the strategies to exit to less expensive borrowing options for the long term and keep winning whatever the future might hold. 

This information and resource-packed webinar is complimentary and an information-only event, and is a no-pitch zone. 

Register now https://zoom.us/webinar/register/WN_jSjo0vZWSB2hmWZbU4-mLg


Each webinar registrant who attends live will be provided with several bonus resources from the speakers including 

Revealing for the first time Top 18 Investor-Friendly Markets for 2021 from Streetwise BEST to INVEST 2021.


  • Flip Analyzer Tool – Calculates costs associated with a Flip/BRRRR project
  • Renovation Budget worksheet
Our Expert Speaker Line-Up

How BRRRR Enabled Quitting the 9-5 at Age 36

BRRRR Expert and Mentor Sarah Larbi will be sharing how in only 7 years she used the BRRRR strategy to go from working full time and a real estate investor newbie to quitting her 9-5.

BRRRR Acquisitions and Exits – What You Need to Know

Multiple award-winning mortgage broker Dalia Barsoum of Streetwise Mortgages will be sharing her insights and latest information on the best strategies to acquire, finance and exit from BRRRR’s.

Fast Funding to Flip and BRRRR Success

Jessie Bobrowski of Calvert Mortgages will be sharing their company’s unique financing offering and the importance of knowing your numbers, building a team and the 3 keys to making a BRRRR or Flip successful.

This Zoom webinar has limited spaces and we are expecting it to fill up fast so please do NOT register unless you know you can attend and if you do know then sign up now! 

Register now https://zoom.us/webinar/register/WN_jSjo0vZWSB2hmWZbU4-mLg

We look forward to seeing you on the 27th 

Sarah, Dalia and Jesse 

P.S. Remember you have to be there live to get the invaluable resources so make sure you mark your calendars now https://zoom.us/webinar/register/WN_jSjo0vZWSB2hmWZbU4-mLg

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