Investing and Managing Your Portfolio for Market Downturns, Turbulent Times and Unpleasant Surprises


Tuesday, April 26th at 12 noon EST – Complimentary Webinar via Zoom 

You have been reading the headlines for months now that this booming real estate market cannot continue. 

Governments at all levels are trying to address some of the many challenges including numerous Federal budget proposals, Provincial initiatives and restrictions and local licensing. 

On top of that are slowing markets, recent interest rate rises and high expectations of more to follow. 

What does that all mean for you the real estate investor? 

It means you need to be informed and ready for when inevitable changes come. 

Our guests on this webinar have been through numerous market changes, good and bad and will share their best advice for you to manage for Market Downturns, Turbulent Times and Unpleasant Surprises AND still look for the real estate investing opportunities that are always there, regardless of the changes. 

Join Sarah Larbi, Dalia Barsoum of Streetwise Mortgages and Harry James, Real Estate Deal Junkie and Real Life Advisor for what promises to be an informative and lively session. 

This resource-packed webinar is complimentary, an information-only event, and is a no-pitch zone. 

Replay available for a limited time – https://youtu.be/iz3dMxqGzcg

Our Expert Speaker Line-Up

Sarah Larbi

BRRRR Expert and Mentor Sarah Larbi went from working full time and a real estate investor newbie to quitting her 9-5 in only 7 years. A top 1% podcast host she has interviewed hundreds and real estate investors and experts and will give her take on where she see’s things going. 

Dalia Barsoum

Multiple award-winning mortgage broker Dalia Barsoum of Streetwise Mortgages will be sharing her insights from decades of experience in all types of markets.

Harry James

Harry James has been dispensing advice for real life since 1984 and is a serial entrepreneur. He is also a businessman, a strategic consultant and a motivator. Harry has built one of Canada’s premier independent financial planning boutiques and sold it for an unprecedented price.

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