Toronto Market Insights From Reno TV Host Turned Real Estate Investor

Guest: Darren Voros, Real Estate Investor, Contractor & Speaker What would you be willing to do to learn something new that would get you out of the rat race? Well, this week’s podcast guest Darren Voros, Real Estate Investor,… Read More

Investing Strategies For More Expensive Markets

Guest: AJ Hazzi, Real Estate Investor, Author, Speaker & Coach Markets such as Toronto and Kelowna, BC are extremely expensive and it is harder to find deals which can be a deterrent for some people. This week’s podcast guest… Read More

Achieving Higher Returns by Investing in the US

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How the F-Bomb Helps Sell Houses

Guest: Matt Lionetti, Realtor and Social Media Influencer The episode has explicit language and is not suitable for all audiences. Social media has become an essential part of marketing and listing properties for realtors. The challenge is that the… Read More

Insights On Diversifying Your Portfolio & Commercial Investing

Guest: Simeon Papailias, Real Estate Investor, Coach and Mentor  There is no argument that there is no bigger security blanket than real estate however it is always good to diversify your portfolio. Getting the right education and having the… Read More

An Introduction to Land Flipping

Guest: Michelle Bosch, MBA, Real Estate Investor The land flipping strategy is a great one to consider as there are very few competitors because it is so unique. It has the same principles as a regular fix and flips… Read More

Understanding The Pre-construction Condo Strategy

There are many approaches when it comes to real estate investing and everyone has their choice of strategy. This week’s guest, Jas Takhar, Real Estate Investor, Podcast Host & Author, is the expert when it comes to pre-construction… Read More

Guided Investing In The U.S.

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Implementing The Value-Add Multi-Family Strategy

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Family Secrets To Designing The Perfect Life

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Choosing The Property Guys Way

There are a lot of decisions that need to be made when deciding to sell your home whether it is an investment property or not. The typical route would be to go through a real estate agent. But… Read More

Importance of Understanding Private Equity and Raising Capital

Private equity, raising capital and smart home integration are all terms that investors need to understand and learn if they want to scale up. This week’s guest, Marcin Drozdz, Real Estate Investor & Entrepreneur, provides insights into this… Read More