I was excited to be interviewed recently for the “How to Scale Your Commercial Real Estate” podcast. 

You can listen to the full episode here How To Scale Commercial Real Estate

I was recently interviewed for the GREW Podcast.

Gemaki Real Estate Wealth (GREW) helps busy people grow their wealth and freedom through investment real estate! 

How is COVID 19 impacting real estate investing?

Sarah was interviewed by Seth Ferguson for Real Estate Simplified and Your TV Halton 

Is this a good time to grow your real estate portfolio?

Sarah was interviewed by Seth Ferguson for Real Estate Simplified and Your TV Halton 

Financing & Pitfalls of Student Rentals & Lessons on Flips- Shawn Allen & Dan Warren

In this episode of Where Should I Invest the Podcast, We interview Dan Warren & Shawn Allen and talk about Real Estate Investing.  Dan Warren is a student rentals investor in London, Ontario. He started investing in 2012, 3 years later he quit his job and focused on real estate full time.

SL Episode 25

Shawn Allen is a full-time Real Estate flipper, Shawn focuses on buying, renovating and selling. He also does rentals and currently is also doing property management and land development.

In this Episode, we’ll talk about. . .

  • Property Financing (joint ventures, private money, etc.)
  • Pitfalls, cost, tips and insights on flipping Properties
  • Student Rental Properties and the risk of doing it
  • And more about Dan and Shawn’s portfolio.

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Recently, with a few real estate investing colleagues, I had the ‘pleasure’ of flying up to 10,000+ feet and jumping out of a plane, all in the name if fun!

Here is a link to a full video of my adventure – click here to watch

Screen Shot 2018-08-23 at 4.59.58 PM

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Canadians Investing in the USA the Differences You Need to Know & Understand with Omar Khan

Canadians Investing in the USA with OMAR KHAN

Today’s Guest:

Omar is a successful investor with 10+ years of experience in real estate investing, raising capital, buying multifamily investments, and in syndications. With a history and preference towards Commercial Real Estate Investing, Omar has become an active and successful Canadian investor now living in Texas.

Episode Highlights:

  • Learn about investing in the USA
  • Learn about the main differences between Canadian and US Real Estate Investing  
  • What do Canadians need to know before they invest abroad 
  • Understand the factors to consider before investing in American Real Estate 
  • What are some of the misconceptions we hear about that we can’t or shouldn’t do as Canadians (such as 1031 exchanges, LLCs etc.)
  • What are some of the best ways for Canadians to Invest their money in the USA
  • Storage and Mobile-home investing
  • How to get a team on the street while living in another country
  • Learn about syndications 

Contact Information:

For more information, visit www.boardwalkwealth.com

Email Omar at omar@boardwalkwealth.com or call him directly at (214) 727-8643